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I Got Fooled 8 years ago
My Husband has been after me for a long time to do a threesome. I finally agreed and once they had my cloths off and a cock in my pussy and mouth, two more men came into the room. They stripped as my husband and the other guy held me and they all took turns in all my holes. The next day I was so sore I could hardly pee. My husband said it was the best sex we ever had and wants to do it again. What the hell, It was the best fuck I ever had too.
Tried It 8 years ago
I had 5 guys one night while in college. One of them is my husband now. I asked why he would marry me after I had so many other guys. He said he wanted a woman that was willing to do anything at anytime. We swing now and lots of night he lets 4 or 5 friends gangbang me again. I get all the cocks I could want.
Wanda 6 years ago
My BF likes to blind fold me and let his friends use me any way they want. Most of the time they cum in my mouth and I get to swallow all the cum. That way there is never a mess to clean up afterwards. Also I love the taste of cum so it works out great for everyone.
wtf 8 years ago
I sooo wish my uptight husband would let me do this. I would so get off pulling a train on a bunch of guys and feeling their cum fill me up.
Mike 6 years ago
Once went to a swingers party with my wife where all the men were blindfolded and tied to a chair. There were six couples at the party. The women did anything they wanted without the men knowing who was working on them. I was sucked five times that night, shot my load in someones mouth twice and still don't know who sucked me off. Hottest thing I have ever experienced. That was two years ago and I still get hard just thinking about it.
What Next 7 years ago
My husband wanted me to have a threesome with him and his boss. It pissed me off but to get even with him I agreed. It was fun and he ask if I wanted more. I said why not and last weekend it was with him, his boss and another guy. Like this woman they took me in every position. H
Can't Go Back 7 years ago
Once my husband let two of his friends fuck me and they did it for hours. Now I can't go back to one guy again. He wanted me to do this and I'm going to fuck lots of guy from now on. He'll just have to get what's left of leave. I just need all those cocks like this gal.
pay back 8 years ago
i came home from work early end found my husband and my girl friend fucking so one night the three of us went to this club my g f go to she took me to a vip room and she said she will get us a drink next thing i had four guys on me they un dress me i let all of them fuck me
Margaret 6 years ago
Wife 7 years ago
She's a sexy 'lil thing - great bod & lovely tits