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Meeee 3 years ago
Also, does anyone else notice that none of these girls moan or even look like they are having a good time.stupid fuck couldn't please an American girl with his tiny prick so he goes to Asia and finds out he can't even make them moan cuz his prick ain't no bigger than the Asian done ranting now.
2 years ago
He has bigger tits than her XD
wtf 2 years ago
she look underaged..
Warren 2 years ago
At least shave your balls you mucky sod.
3 years ago
Where is the big cock? Lol
Lol 3 years ago
1:44 such a good bj honey? Wtf that was the worst bj i've ever seen. He never has got a good bj i guess
Meeee 3 years ago
Fag, he is so fucking annoying. Wtf does he think guys wanna hear him moans when they watch porn? He'd probably fuck himself if he didn't have a skinny little prick. Someone who knows him should tell him to shut the fuck up and he might get more views. WTF, NOBODY IS WATCHING THIS TO SEE OR HEAR YOU, YOU CONCEDED BASTARD
Thai Lover 3 years ago
I sure love those Thai girls! I wann go there and fuck as many as I can all day long!
1 year ago
What a hellish looking bj. Someone teach her how to do it right!
1 year ago
dude needs to stop making porn....if thats what you'd even call this trash