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hern2 2 years ago
Stupid guy,always eyes on the camera,disgusting.
2 years ago
Unintentional comedy - she wants it so bad, but he is so shit - and then just as she is about to orgasm he cums on her face and lies down next to her XD XD XD
Jack Gurung 2 years ago
Fuck she’s not Indian or Japanese, she is Nepali, I understand their language. The guys says to in the beginning that he gonna make her pornstar by uploading this video on YouTube she accepts
Sam 3 years ago
Scumbag ... she was cumming ... don’t stop to COF ...
2 years ago
the guys face is ugly asf. bad genes; instant turn-off!
Anon024 3 years ago
Hilarious hes just pipping
Loco boy 2 years ago
My dick just died. Stop looking at the camera ugly bastard.
kali 2 years ago
Fuck you all both of them are Nepali. I really love the way she screeming
Lapin lapin 2 years ago
Bunny Bunny xd
Wow so nies bru 2 years ago
Wow so nies bru